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We moved offices this year. It's been a bit of an adventure. Our old office in Bloxwich was a convenient thing - it was close to our houses.

This new office is for the staff. It's in Birmingham City Center, right by the train station, right by hotels and restaurants and bars, which is all relatively close to an international airport.
We had office design firm Oktra fit it out, because they'd already done a bunch of game companies. It was pretty surprising how fast it all came together.

Suprisingly, it was under 6 months to go from an empty shell to a working office.
That's my office on the left.
This is a wellness corner. Office designers love stuff like this because they get to put the design in for awards. The theory is that if an employee is feeling stressed or upset they can go and sit here and feel better. We call it the crying corner.

In reality, the only reason anyone goes here is to tell people how we got fooled into adding it.
The board room. I don't know how to use anything in here yet.
We wanted three monitors per desk. I think that's too much now. I think people are going to have as many monitors as you let them have and we should have drawn the line at two.
We have a bar at the center of the office. There's a TV at the back so we can watch videos of people falling over on youtube while we eat our sandwiches.
And we have an office barber - so we had to have a proper place for him to cur our hair.
It's such a nice office and it cost us so much that you'd think it would be a good idea to force all of our devs to work from here instead of letting them work from home. That's not the Facepunch way though. My attitude is here's a nice accessible office if you want it - it's up to you to find the best way to work.

So come join Facepunch - we've got a nice office you don't have to attend!
03 September 2023
Wow that's super nice! I'll definitely have to ask nicely for a visit if I'm ever to visit England.
Deyan Dobromirov (dvd_video)
03 September 2023
I will not visit England anytime soon, but as a fan of Garry's mod it is in my bucket list :P
09 September 2023
Very beautiful! I hope that you can travel to GMod land in a couple years later tonight, my friend?.
Hypixel007 (XGN Hypixel007)
12 September 2023
I'll come over and say hi, haha
Emanuel Acosta
13 September 2023
office barber? thats a new one, how does that work. Awesome office. Not going to lie the wellness corner could use some birds SFX and would be a dope mediation spot.
Xaver Stiensmeier
14 September 2023
That looks absolutely dope!
Jamie Lewis (Jimbles.)
15 September 2023
"Spread em, Iโ€™ll be there in half an hour"
Jamie Lewis (Jimbles.)
15 September 2023
Also, where's the arcade machine from the old office!?
Mark Railton
27 October 2023
Great looking offices - must be awesome to work at Facepunch.
Артем Игровой
08 January 2024
It is amazing office!!! *ะž*

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