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This week I’ve been working on a tool to upload workshop addons for GMod. It’s a pretty simple task but I decide to do it using GWEN.. just to make things a bit more challenging.ย 

Why? Well, it makes it easier to make cross platform (although I could have used VGUI, or another widget toolkit). Plus it gave me a chance to ride through GWEN and round off anything that’s a bit rough. It also has the added bonus of looking exactly like the UI in GMod – because it uses the exact same skin. This one.

It turned out that it works!

But man – I need to make a designer for GWEN. I thought people were being lazy when they asked me for one – maybe they were.. but it turns out I’m pretty lazy too.

You can try it out here. (You’ll get steam errors if you try to do anything unless you own the GMod Beta).

And you can see the uploaded files here if you’re in the beta. (you need to log in)


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