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At the end of January I posted about how I’d started watching what I was eating and generally trying to lose weight. Well here’s an update.

Well I’ve been keeping it up.

  • Fast food twice a week max, down from around 5 times a week
  • More home cooked meals
  • Less crisps, chocolate, snacks (especially after meals as part of the meal)
  • Less eating after 7pm
  • No snacking as part of watching TV/Movie
  • Stopped drinking tea (but moved onto coffee)
  • Started drinking water
  • Bit more exercise (taking stairs, sit ups, treadmill)

And so far it’s working.

I did have a bit of a heavy week last week. I took Sarah for a Balti, and ordered what I’d normally order (and normally eat). Half way through I could feel my stomach stretching, so I had to stop.

Which I think is a good target for weight loss. Shrink your stomach and eat till you’re full, not till your plate is empty.

And don’t be put off if you don’t see weight loss day to day or week to week. Your weight will jump up and down like crazy. Only worry about month to month.

Here’s my progress sheet..

Not far to go now. I’ve slowed down as time goes on – but as long as the graph isn’t going up it’s a good thing.

Last time I posted a lot of people asked about the app. It’s called Weight Bot – it gets the weight data from Withings Scales. They also asked my height.. I’m 5’9.


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