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I’ve been trying to lose weight over the last month. And it’s been going well, I think I’ve got it under control. Here’s my weight loss tips.

Don’t go crazy

Diets are a temporary thing. You’ll never last if you try to only eat bread or whatever. It’s not sustainable and you’re always going to end up breaking. Don’t try to lose too much weight. And be happy if your weight just stays the same.

Habitual Eating

I identified two big habitual over-eating issues.

First of all I couldn’t watch TV without eating. If I’m sitting down to watch a movie I need get some food to munch while I watch it. It actually feels weird to watch a movie without eating.

And secondly I always had to have a snack after dinner. If I’d had a sandwich I’d have a big of crisps afterwards. Even after I’d had a quite big dinner I’d have a crisps afterwards.

These are the things you need to get under control. The things you do every day without thinking. If you can change these you’re set.


I have some withings scales which make recording my weight really easily. All you have to do is stand on them and it uploads your weight to the web. Here’s my graph for last year.

As you can see I was doing pretty good weight loss wise in the early part of the year (when I bought the scales). Then it crept back up – peaking at Christmas (I put a full stone on over xmas ).

I’ve lost weight pretty consistently this year.

According to the graph if I keep doing what I’m doing I should no longer be overweight come May. My aim is to get to the overweight line and hover on it though.

This app is pretty cool because it shows you a progress bar, so you can see how long you’ve got before you get where you’re going. A lot of weight loss seems to focus on the past – so you never really think of the future. This plainly tells me that if I keep trucking in 70 days I’ll reach my target.

We’ll see how long I last.

In the last month I have had a couple of Balti’s, a Chinese every week and fish and chips every week. The fact that I’m losing weight goes to prove that those things don’t matter as much as cutting out the habitual out of meal eating.


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