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Today I got version 49 models working in GMod 13. It involved a bit of hacking around. The problem is I don’t have the source code to the Portal 2 engine so I couldn’t really see what was going on in the new format. Then just when I was about to give up I searched google for “STUDIO_VERSION 49” – which shows up code from the alien swarm base. It gave me what I was missing.

So a bit of this later:

I managed to get Portal 2 models loading reliably, without affecting the loading of other models..!

There are some issues with L4D2 survivor models. For some reason they show multiple versions of themselves like Siamese twins. The Nuclear Dawn models are hit and miss too. I think they increased the limits in their engine or something.

Most of their other models seem to work though..

So yeah. That’s all good in the hood. I did other stuff today too.

You can read more about the beta here.


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