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I did a bit of work on sorting office today. I’m determined to get it into a reasonable stage so I can just call it finished. I need to add some kind of game over screen and a title screen. Options I want to add are a next track/mute/play thing in the bottom right and some kind of point (like being able to complete the game. Maybe a high score thing.

Anyway, a couple of updates in this release. First is the exlosions work differently, when one is blowing up its lens flare is bigger than the rest. All the other tokens and the background go darker too (this is physcological, it makes you see the explosions as lighter). Ive also added a simple motion blur, this is basically just not clearing the background and blitting the background gfx with alpha set at 50{a1da5f31666ba9e4b613f74c475fa44930e0dd96d95a00cdfc356ce4f15804bc}. I also changed the gui gfx – since I really do suck at that I think I’ll leave them like this. I added a timer although it does nothing but go up and down. You get more time when you make combinations, when the timer reaches the max capacity you get 10 points.

click here to download.

requires directx 9, email me here.

Dyllan Saunders
Monday, October 2, 2023
thanks garry. Sadly, I do not have directx 9 :(

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