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I made my first wordpress plugin today. It makes it so you can upload unity3d files to wordpress and and embed them in your posts!

[unity src=”609″]

It solves a lot of problems that seem to exist in current plugins. One of the issues was that they all kind of wanted you to upload your unity3d files via ftp to get them to work. That is terrible. So I made it so you can upload them via the media player, and insert them via the media player.. and it just works.

They play together nice too. So when you play one, it stops the others. I’ll probably make that optional though.. cuz there’s nothing stopping multiple unity players playing at the same time.

[unity src=”615″]

Another thing is a lot of web servers can’t serve unity3d files.. because they don’t have the mime type and permissions set. So when you upload a unity3d file it just adds .zip to the end. The unity player can still play it – and you don’t have to mess with your config. All good!

I’m gonna play around with it and clean it up then I’ll see about getting it in the searchable wordpress plugin install thing.


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