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We do a thing in Rust’s subreddit where we get people to post their ideal changelog.

I find these threads a lot more useful than reading people’s dissertations on what they want changed. They’re brief, skimmable, and they’re not full of justifications, speculation and predictions.

So here’s my changelist for Unity in 2017.

  • Removed deprecated component accessors on Component
  • Reduced standalone memory usage
  • Added ComponentRef (automatically fills with the sibling component)
  • Allowed resources folder to be over 2GB without using bundles
  • Editor Dark Skin is the only skin
  • Steam is treated as a platform (includes Steam SDK)
  • Cloudbuild can upload to Steam
  • Added GameObject.Spawn which spawns a prefab but doesn’t call Awake/Start/OnEnable until you call go.Instantiate() (allows setting up before actual creation)
  • Added PrefabPool
  • Added ParticleSystem.AutomaticallyRecycle bool (deletes gameobject when particle finishes)
  • Layer renamed to RenderLayer
  • Added PhysicsLayer
  • RenderLayer/PhysicsLayers are a bitfield, objects can be in multiple layers
  • Up to 64 RenderLayer/PhysicsLayers
  • Tags are bitfields, objects can have multiple tags
  • Added Sound.Play( clip, position, volume, pitch, etc )
  • Built in components aren’t sealed, are derivable, default editor still works
  • Up to 64 tags
  • Changing platforms no longer requires reimporting every asset
  • Added search/filter to console
  • Console uses monospaced font
  • Can click on stack trace in console to jump to that file/line
  • Added back/forward buttons to project folder
  • Pressing mouse 4/5 navigates project folder history (like a browser)
  • Common functions are now thread safe
  • Editor will detect and break out of infinite loops
  • Profiler shows breakdown of visible meshes, vertices per mesh
  • ParticleSystem can be placed on overlay canvas
  • Replaced Mono with NETCore
  • Getting Object.name no longer allocates memory
  • Added dynamic occlusion culling
  • Special hook functions like Update, Awake, Start are virtuals instead of magic
  • Folders can be marked to compile to dll (compile times, modularity)
  • Removed Javascript support
  • Editor no longer freezes when changing files in a huge project
  • Added Physics.OverlapFrustum
  • Can serialize components/scriptable objects at runtime (saving, loading, configs)
  • Can load models, animations, shaders at runtime
  • Added loopback mode to UNet for singleplayer games
  • UNet Loopback mode can be used to record/save/play demos
  • UNet Loopback can be used for saving, loading
  • Added VoIP support to UNet
  • UNet transform sync interpolation works (without rigidbody)
  • Added CSS like styles to UnityUI elements (allowing you to change your games entire UI style from one place)
  • Headless/Console/Server is treated as a platform
  • Added automatic LOD generation
  • Editor child windows don’t disappear when alt tabbed
  • Terrain.Max Mesh Trees works again
  • Added version number on editor icon

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