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In retrospect I haven’t played many games this year. I’m not sure whether that’s because not many games were released.. or whether it was because the games that were released weren’t my thing. 

Where’s Minecraft

I know I know. I still haven’t played it. For the same reason I’ve never played WOW. I’m scared that once I start playing it I won’t be able to stop and then my work will suffer.

Where’s Duke Nukem Forever

Didn’t play it. I knew it was going to be awful.

Where’s Skyrim/Deus Ex Blah

Not my kind of games

6. Limbo

Limbo is awesome. Beautifully animated. The interactions are perfect. The gameplay pace is perfect. I loved every second of it.

5. From Dust

Came out of nowhere really. I hadn’t heard of it until it popped up on Steam. The screenshots and videos were interesting enough to give it a try. Once you get over the weird controls it’s a really fun game. It’s one of those games where you think you’re cheating all the time. You think you’re doing stuff that they don’t expect you to do. But that’s exactly what they’re expecting.

4. L.A. Noire

You know the deal with this. Dead people, messing with the bodies, looking for clues, spotting lies. Awesome game – consumed a few of my weeks this year.

3. Game Dev Story

This was this year, right? It was my toilet game for about a month.

2. Portal 2

Stephen Merchant. 

1. Battlefield 3

That’s right. Battlefield 3 is my favorite game of this year. I’m as surprised as you.


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