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Remember This Old House?

It’s been running for like 30 years. I remember watching it all the time when I was sick off school. It’s a TV show where they take a house and do it up. There’s been a lot of shows that sound like that.. But they’re all rushed, they don’t teach you anything, they don’t show you the process. They do stupid things like renovate a house in 4 hours.

This Old House is different. It takes its time. It talks you through what they’re doing and explains why, it gives you a bit of history on old old building techniques they’re replacing. All the people on it are real tradesmen.

There’s really long single camera shots, 5 minutes on a single camera with no edits. It’s a breath of fresh after watching modern TV where they change the camera angle every 4 seconds in-case you get bored of actually looking at stuff. There was a scene where the guy was digging a hole.. and they actually showed him just digging the hole for about a minute. A lesser TV show would have edited that up or made a dumb musical montage of it.

The coolest thing is that all the episodes are on youtube.


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