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The switch to Steampipe last week went pretty smoothly. Except that the windows dedicated server crashed on startup. And the OSX version crashed on startup. And the Linux DS crashed on startup.

But because Steampipe is so awesome those problems were all fixed within an hour.

The biggest challenge facing people is that it doesn’t always seem to convert automatically. I don’t know whether you need to restart your PC first or something. But verifying it forces the conversion. For some people it doesn’t move it to the Common folder either.. I don’t know why that is but uninstalling and installing again seems to clear it up.

Some people are having problems with CS content being missing too. This is because the CS:S install hasn’t been converted to Steam Pipe. Try running it. If that doesn’t work read more here.

People are also wondering why HL2/EP1/EP2 aren’t mounting. You need to opt into the beta so they will convert to Steam Pipe. This is done in the properties of each of the games


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