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We went to the beach on Monday. It was a bank holiday. It was sunny too. I’m sure a lot of you American guys are surprised to hear that we have beaches in the UK. And even more surprised to find out that it’s sometimes sunny.

The beach we went to was in Wales, in a little place called Rhyl. So it was a long drive for us. 100 miles, about 2 hours. It looks something like this.


But the beach was cool. And the sun was out. And I of course got sunburnt because I’m a huge nerd.

2013-05-06 14.19.24

2013-05-06 13.47.27

The sea was miles out. Like, scary miles out. We built a dam and redirected a stream that was going out to sea. It got pretty awesome.

2013-05-06 12.34.26

Further out, some of the sand was more mud than sand. There’s probably a good explanation for that.2013-05-06 14.27.47


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