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I had a bit of a bad time with that last GMod fix.

.c files

My linux/mac compile procedure broke. cpp files were getting compiled, but normal c files weren’t. Turned out that I hadn’t noticed for the last 6 or so months because it was using .o files from previous compiles. I don’t think this actually mattered because the only things in .c files are lua and cron – which never really changed.

mac version

Whatever updated that broke GMod didn’t update and break the Mac version. This meant that when I updated the mac version, my update made it incompatible – the other way around. The only solution was to roll back to the working mac version. This means that when the mac version does update – gmod mac will break again – and I’ll have to throw an update out.


I screwed up the merge. When I’m merging my code with Valve’s updated code it’s 99{a1da5f31666ba9e4b613f74c475fa44930e0dd96d95a00cdfc356ce4f15804bc} automatic. But every now and then the updated code is changed in the same place that I’ve changed something.. and I have to go in manually and tell the source control what I want to happen. I made a mistake in a bit of code which meant that a variable was left uninitialized – which resulted in props and ragdolls not rotating.


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