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I had a few successful coding sessions this week. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

I fixed SuperDOF. A lot of it. I fixed it crashing when multicore rendering was enabled. This crash was mainly caused by not having any idea how multicore rendering worked back in the day when I converted to Orange Box. I fixed it not rendering water properly too. This was caused by the aspect ratio being ‘0’ inside the call to RenderView. I fixed windows showing the `not responding` shit if it takes longer than 5 seconds to render the frame, I just had to pump the messages to get that to fix.

I finished off the net library too. The net library is like usermessages except better. You can send up to 64kb in a single message and they’re send instantly. And you can send client to server too. I added server sending functions for sening to all players, specific players, omtting players, pvs and pas. It works cool.

I made a halo library. It draws that ring around entities, like in L4D. I added a couple of cool things. You can adjust the size of the blur, and the amount of times the final quad gets drawn to screen (stronger glow etc).

I fucked about and after some head scratching finally got the glow to depth properly!

I also added an option for it to draw the glow dark – so you can add black lines/shadows behind objects. For whatever reason.

I added the new properties system, shown in the previous post. The idea being that instead of having a tool to do everything, and having to swap back and forth all the time (agh, annoying). You can just hold C, right click on an entity and change something. Yay.


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