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Ok this is gonna get confusing. We converted the GMod beta to use Steampipe. This all went fine. So now we added a beta branch to the normal non beta GMod .

So forget about the GMod Beta. Get rid of it. Uninstall it. We don’t need it anymore. It’s not gonna be updated. On the normal Garry’s Mod you have this option now.

Selecting this branch will convert you current Garry’s Mod to the Steampipe Beta. There’s a couple of reasons you won’t want to opt into the new beta.

  • It will convert your install to Steampipe
  • Switching back is messy and might not work at all
  • You might lose your addons and stuff
  • You won’t be able to join non-beta multiplayer servers

There’s a couple of reasons you might want to convert to the new beta

  • Updates every hour
  • Want to test your mods and addons with the new version
  • Like being on the latest version
  • Faster load times
  • Install on a different drive
  • All the lua files are loose and visible instead of being in a gcf
  • Rift support
  • Experimental Linux client support

To join the new beta you’ll have to guess the beta access code. It’s the same as the secret word in game.


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