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So steam just launched, grab it and play games for free! click here to download steam you FREAK. I used to be good at cs but now i’m shit. I’m still better than the majority of people out there though. Play DoD more nowadays, seems to be a lot more teamwork than in cs now. And I pwn at it!!

added a link at the top to the nerd thing because it’s useful for us nerds, and I added a link to SnaBB0 highscores, and on that highscores page u can download the Latest And Greatest version of snabbo.

I haven’t done any work on snabbo for a while. I’m trying to learn 3d math and all that shite so i’m not stuck making shitty 2d games forever.

I think that’s everything. yeah it is bye

I PWN J000000000!!!!!1111 one one one nubs

02 September 2023
pro dod player right here
Sebastian Maj
16 September 2023
Wow I can't believe Steam launched on this day! I was looking at the latest blog posts on Unity and then wanted to see what the oldest was.
Pedro Brantes
02 January 2024
He really learned 3D mathematics

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