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I’ve finished doing a major change to the left of the spawnmenu, so decided to show you what I’ve done. I’m only going to be talking about things that are coded and working. I have other plans to be added to this side of the menu – but I’m not going to talk about those until they’re reality.

So basically I’ve moved the navigation from the top to the left of the menu – since monitors are usually more wide than tall, this makes sense.


It’s a tree menu too, so you can easily add children of children of children, neatening things up a bit.

Drag and Drop

It’s all drag and drop enabled so you can drag one tree node to another, or organise them however you want. You can select and drag icons to another category, you can right drag and drop to open a menu enabling you to copy or move.


The spawnicons are all sortable now. You can drag them around and save – and the order will be saved!

Not just Spawnicons

The menu isn’t going to be just for spawning props and ragdolls anymore. It’s designed so we can add any buttons to it and they’ll cooperate like anything. More about that in the future – but for now to show this we have titles.


You can have category titles. To do it you click that grey box at the bottom left to open the tool drawer. Then you drag and drop the aA button onto your list to drop a new title. Then double click the title to edit the name. You can drag the title around just like a spawnicon.



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