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I’ve re-written the spawnicon code in GMod. It’ll probably be fun to review the life of the spawnicons.

This is how the spawnicon started. It was a button on the wall in gm_construct.

A few versions later it evolved into this

Which was actually a huge leap forward because now it’s map independent. The buttons got more organised over time.

And didn’t change much, until in GMod 9 they got images.

The images weren’t auto generated. You had to take screenshots and make an icon for it outside of the game.

In GMod 10 I finally had enough brains to make the icons auto generate. I’ve been tweaking that over the last couple of days. I’ve got the icons outputting as PNG files with (simulated) alpha, instead of TGA’s with no alpha. I’m not going to show you what they look like ingame just yet (I know, I’m a tease), but I thought that someone might find this useful.

I’ve outputted all of TF2’s models to 512×512 PNG spawnicons with (simulated) alpha. Might be useful for anyone making a TF2 related website or something?

They’re autogenerated so they’re not all perfectly aligned, but a lot of them are pretty and I’m sure people will find a use for them.

Obviously it’s all Valve’s property so bear that in mind if you decide to do something with them! Download (75mb)


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