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So Source Film Maker has just been announced. I am GMod’s creator and if I made machinima I would be moving to SFM right now. It’s the much better choice. It’s what it was made for.

But I think the idea that it’s going kill GMod is a bit much – for three three reasons..

First of all – GMod isn’t a movie making tool. It’s used to make a lot of movies and screenshots – but I don’t think that’s what people would describe it’s primary function as. It’s a sandbox game. There’s building, there’s coop, there’s gamemodes, there’s roleplay, there’s coding, there’s addons. Making movies is a tiny part of the experience. It’s like suggesting that Hammer would kill off GMod.

Secondly it’s the Source Engine! It all goes hand in hand. I would hope that once it’s all tested Valve will open it up like all the other tools and lets us flop it over the top of Garry’s Mod. Combining the best of them both. [To be clear I don’t know whether this is going to work like this for sure, but I would certainly hope that it’s a possibility]

Finally, past experiences have shown me that this kind of thing has the opposite effect on GMod’s sales. More people getting involved in the Source Engine mean more people wanting to explore and play with it.ย 

The bottom line is that I don’t know how this is going to affect GMod, but I’m going to try to work with SFM instead of trying to compete with it. That’s the best thing for the community.. which is what it’s all about.


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