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Remember at the end of last year, after I’d broke up with my girlfriend I posted a blog called The Perfect Woman which described my ideal woman. The comments were along the lines of “good luck, she doesn’t exist”.

Well about a month after I posted that I met her ?? This is going to be a proper blog, I figured I’d weite it up since I have nothing else I can write about right now.

The date was January 8th, 2010. It was a snowy day. It was Wendy’s birthday party. Wendy is Craig’s sister. Craig is my oldest friend and is Facepunch co-owner. I decided to go to the party because I was single and if there’s one place to meet women it’s at a girl’s birthday party.

That’s where she was. Lovely Sarah. She was the sexiest woman there. Every guy there noticed her. Buzzing around, dancing, loving it. I asked Wendy if she was single, she was. Suddenly everyone was offering to ask her out for me. It’s pretty lame, but I didn’t really care, I was drunk.

Pete, Craig’s dad offered to ask her out. He went over, pointed to me, came back. “She ain’t too keen Gaz”. We laughed. He said “I just told her, my mate over there wants to know if you’re any good at bowling.” Pete loves his bowling, and was drunk. We all were. All except Sarah. “Nah I just said my mate over there in the blue t-shirt likes you, and he thinks it would be nice if you go over and talk to him”.

It came time to go home. My plan was to end up sitting somewhere near her then slyly get the chat on. But that didn’t happen. I was drunk and talking to people about bullshit, time flew. The taxi arrived and I went home. No phone number, at that point I didn’t even know her name. Oh well. Probably wasn’t that keen anyway.


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