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I’ve been pretty productive over the last few days.


I moved garrysmod.com over to tumblr. Seemed stupid self hosting it when you can throw it on tumblr. I like tumblr.. especially their online theme editor. I made the design completely using that.ย 

You can submit news to it too. I’m going to start posting community news to the main site again. I had hoped that a community site would pop up that did that stuff – but no one really ever stepped up to the plate.

Spawnicon Editor

One of the annoyances of GMod for me is how odd some spawnicons are. Well I made a little tool to edit spawnicons now. It works as you expect. You click and hold on the big view then you can WSAD around, zoom in and out until it’s laid out how you want. Then you click the small spawnicon on the bottom right and it saves it.

You can play with the animations to get the pose right too. I have further things planned for this.

Time Scale

In current GMod if you want to slow the time down you have to change host_timescale in the console. This is great for singleplayer – but in multiplayer you need cheats enabled for it to work.

Well now we’re shipping our own engine.dll I can edit that shit. So now we have a function for it. Boosh!


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