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I had a play around with making poster screenshots today. These are screenshots that are bigger than your screen’s resolution. You’re only really limited by memory.

Instead of rendering a screenshot the full size of the screen it renders the top left of the screenshot the full size of the screen. Then it renders one screen to the right, etc, so you end up with a composite of multiple screenshots. A bit like this.

But obviously I don’t just pump out a load of different screenshots. That’d be shit. I stitch them all together for you!

Here’s an example. Full size this image is 19200 x 10800.

You see the tiny white dot sitting to the top right of the ‘C’ on the castle? Well here it is full size.

You can check out the full screenshot here.

Inevitably people ask how fast is it. The picture above was rendered 10×10. So it uses 100 screenshots instead of 1. It takes about 10 seconds including encoding to jpg/png and saving to disk.

But why? Well if you’re printing your screenshot to a poster or something you’ll want it as high res as possible. And a lot of people like to render their screenshots in an insanely high resolution and then downscale them – as it tends to remove any aliasing or other defects.


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