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Everything is starting to calm down now. The huge array of visitors is coming to an end. This week we actually had a day where we were the only people in the house all day.

Having a baby is both easier and harder than I thought. I expected constant crying. Every time I’m aware of a baby it is crying constantly. But Alex hardly ever cries unless he’s really hungry. And even then you can just calm him down by putting his fist in his mouth. It’s kind of like playing a video game you don’t know the controls to. You just try stuff until he falls asleep, then you know what works for next time.

The hardest part is the lack of sleep. He is waking for a feed every 3-4 hours. So if you feed him at 12PM you’re gonna be getting up at 3-4AM, then at 6-7AM. This knocked us on our arses for the first couple of days. Before Alex we’d go to bed at 8PM every night.

We’ve found a routine that works now. I am good at staying up late and shit at getting up early. Sarah is shit at staying up late and good at getting up early. So I do the late shift. I stay up watching TV, eating and posting blogs.. and try to feed him at about 2AM. That way I get to bed at 3AM and Sarah gets a decent sleep and gets woken up at 6-7AM. Then I get to sleep in until 9-10AM.

We’ve been told to sleep when he sleeps. During the day. But that’s kind of impossible because of all the visitors, having to eat, shower, parcels being delivered and hospital appointments. Plus I can’t really sleep during the day.. it tends to make me even more tired.


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