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A year tomorrow Alex was born. You can read more about that here and here.

In a lot of ways it seems a lot longer than a year. It’s hard to believe there was a time that he didn’t exist. Looking back it’s incredible to see how much he’s changed. He went from a dark haired boy to a big fat baldie, to a blonde haired boy.

He’s changed that much to the point where we see photos of him and it’s hard to believe it’s him. This is apparently the same route that I took though, I was born with dark hair, it went blonde, and now I’ve got the sexiest thick dark hair you’ve ever seen.

So, how is it being a parent? It’s exhausting. We get up earlier, we go to bed earlier. I used to wake up naturally between 9-10am, eat my breakfast in front of my computer, answer some emails, work until 11-12 then watch TV in bed for an hour. Now I literally can’t even remember the last time I was asleep past 9AM, and I think I’ve gone bed after 11pm just once in the last 6 months. On Fathers Day I got to have an afternoon nap for about 3 hours, and it was awesome.

But it’s worth it. Sneaking in to his room to wake him up. Learning to roll over. Hearing him laugh. Learning to crawl. Splashing in the bath. Climbing on the sofa and lying down to watch TV. Rolling around in a blanket on the floor. Climbing on the dog and using him as a pillow. Dancing to adverts on the TV. Learning to walk. Crying when you leave the house.

If you’re a self centered work-aholic like me it can be really tough to adjust, so it’s important that you have a supportive partner that understands how you work. Sarah has turned out to be an even more loving and caring mom than I knew she would be. It’s a huge interruption to our lives, but he is definitely his own reward. We loved him to bits when he was born, and we love him more and more each day.

Happy Birthday Alex

Love from Dad


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