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Open Broadcaster Software is an open source live streaming/recording program. This is going to sound like an advert โ€“ but it isn’t. I just really really like it and want it to succeed.

If anyone has tried streaming their desktop they probably know about xsplit. It’s about as good as it gets. It works, you can do stuff. But it’s far, far, far, far, far from perfect. It’s pretty slow. And as far as I know it doesn’t have any plugin support.

OBS is like black magic. It records and you don’t even notice. Maybe it is magic, or maybe it’s just coded really really well, or maybe it’s taking advantage of some Windows 8 desktop recording thing I’ve been hearing about.

But check this video out. This is me, recording 3 huge monitors (all 2560×1440) and 3 HD webcams, downscaling them to 720p and saving them to a mp4. This is all done on the fly. It isn’t saving to some huge format and then processing it afterwards. BLACK MAGIC.

The best thing is it’s open source. So you can go in there and see what’s making it work. Or mod it. One of the things I wanted in XSplit was to have it follow my cursor around. No plugins meant that wasn’t gonna happen unless the guy who makes it decided to add it. With this I don’t have to wait โ€“ I can just make it happen. Or maybe if it’s done right (to work with the licensing) I could add lagless twitch streaming/mp4 recording right in GMod using it.

Even though it is awesome it is still in early beta. Version 0.51 right now. So it has some way to come. But it’s a horse you should back.


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