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Sarah let me work today. I did some good coding.


You know in GMod how you make a wheel, and you choose which numpad keys to control it? Well I got rid of that today. Now you can choose any key. Including any joystick or mouse buttons.ย 

HL1 Gibs

I fixed HL1 gibs not spawning properly ??


NPC icons are now like regular spawn icons. The tab is gone, instead of there’s a node on the spawnmenu tree. You can drag them and organise them into your spawnlists ??

I’ve got more plans for this – so no screenshots yet.


I’ve got a couple of harsh changes I want to make before the beta, but I’m hoping to start it next week. It will be a closed beta and I’ll be handing out keys to people I feel will be able to contribute to the process.

Live version

I fixed the filesystem permission bug today. I’ll bundle a patch up and ship it out tomorrow.


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