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When I was a kid, making websites, you'd find some library that you wanted to use, then you'd either copy the .js file to your website or use a cdn host and add the .js to a <script src>on your webpage and you'd be using it.

It seems like now you find a library that you want to use and the expectation is that you're using npm.

Now let me just say, I get the point of npm. I get that at a certain point you want to make all your javascript one big bundle to minimize the amount of files that the client downloads etc.. I get that having a package manager makes sense.

But something about it surprises me.. Is everyone using this? Are normal web developers typing command-lines to add packages? Are normal web developers running a command to build the javascript every time? Are they setting up an intricate system to auto re-compile on change? Are normal web developers dealing with multi-second compiles every save?

Is this why no-one makes their own websites anymore?

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