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Quick follow up to My Tesla Broke. It's now fixed and back at home, so about a month and a half in the end. They changed the HV and the 12v battery.


A funny thing is that I knew they had started fixing it. My spotify kept stopping, and when I looked into it, it showed that it was playing in my car. This was the first time it'd done that since I sent it in. After that, in the app I could see that the doors were opening and closing.


The best thing about this whole thing was getting to see how different the service stuff is with Tesla. When you drop it off you don't need to give them a key. You just park it and walk away. When picking it up you don't need a key - you just get in it and drive away. You can do this any time of the day. I picked mine up at 6am before they opened. Didn't have to talk to a single other human.

That said, when I had a Range Rover they'd pick it up and drop it off, so it's not on that level yet.


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