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Games aren’t really like movies. They don’t always age well. Here’s some PC games that I loved back in the day.


I didn’t own the full version of this game. I owned the demo. The demo was limited to 1 minute of gameplay I think. And although it was a racing game we set out in that minute to run over as many zombies as we could. We did this for hours. Particularly loved how the zombies were idiots and fell off buildings, tripped over and exploded into bits. Also loved how you could slice the car in two.

 I later got the full version and found that it wasn’t as fun as the demo. Realised that the game was a car racing game. And it wasn’t as fun with real people instead of zombies.

King Pin

DON’T YOU BE LOOKING AT MY BITCH! I played Kingpin for hours. I think I only got past the first level about 3 times. I put this down to how fun it was to try things. Pissing a guy off and running off and seeing if you could hide from him (you can’t!). 

I loved everything about kingpin. Especially the swearing. And especially how hard it was.


I only had the demo of SiN. You helicoptered in with a minigun and then you went inside a bank that was being robbed. I loved how you could be shooting the bald guys for ages – but they died instantly from a headshot. I think this was the first game that I saw that in.

I also loved how there were women crouching down and you could crouch down and look up their skirts.

Future Cop: LAPD

This was one of the few full games I owned that actually ran really well on my PC. Although technically I didn’t actually own it – I got it on an old Bobby pirate CD. I think it was meant as a multiplayer game – but it had a singleplayer element tagged onto it – in which the computer just played the other player.

I particularly liked how the computer would go AGGHHHHHHRRRRR!!! When you started to beat him.


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