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I reached my target weight today. On January 1st this year I was 188lbs.. today I’m 169lbs! That’s 19lbs loss!

So technically according to this app I’m no longer overweight. Which is cool. But I’ve still got a bit of a belly so I’m going to push onto 160 to see if it goes. Apart from that I’m pretty happy with the weight I’m at right now.

Here’s my weight loss tips, from my experience:

  • Less McDonalds
  • Less Burger King
  • Less KFC
  • Less Pizza
  • Try to eat fast food only once a week. 
  • Look how much sugar and calories are in your drinks. It’s a big deal.
  • Sugar stops your brain getting the `I’m full` signal. That’s why mcfood leaves you hungry 20 minutes later. Water is kewl. Coke is the devil.
  • Think about how much you’re eating. Why are you eating that much? Do you need it?
  • Don’t eat after 8pm.
  • Exercising will help, but keep it realistic. Don’t overdo it in the first few weeks and blow it off. Find something you can easily do every day. Stairs instead of lifts. Get out of breath every day.
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Don’t snack. Look at how many calories are in the crisps/chocolate bars you’re eating in front of the TV. Read the back of the packet and put it in context. Estimate how many calories you’ve eaten, how many you need. How many over you are.

I saw a documentary the other day. A fat guy was moaning that public toilets aren’t big enough for him, he can’t get clothes to fit, he can’t fit in certain cars, he had to buy 2 seats on a plane. He was running around confronting people, trying to  make the world ‘fat friendly’.

It made me angry. Is that the way the world is going? Should we change the world for these people? Should we be more understanding and considerate to fat people? 

Or should they just stop eating so much?


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