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It’s weird seeing people struggle with being home all the time. Climbing the walls, bored out of their head, willing to risk the lives of their loved ones just to be in the presence of other humans.

This is my dream existence. I don’t have to go anywhere, I don’t have to see anyone, delivery guys leave stuff on the doorstep and walk away.


Every few days something pops up in my calendar. A party, a meal, a meeting, Sarah’s nails appointment, Sarah’s hair appointment. Every time I get a little ping of relief that it isn’t happening, I’ve got out of it without doing anything.

Our wedding got cancelled. We were getting married in mid-August. Even that getting cancelled is a good thing. We don’t have to worry that it’s going to get cancelled – we already know. We have more time to prepare for next year. I was having stress dreams about the horrible green carpet at the venue.

We were lucky. It got cancelled and we got our deposit back. I’m sure there’s thousands of people that were getting married around now that have got really fucked over by it. We didn’t lose much apart from the time planning, but even that’s a plus because we can treat it as a test run.


Even wierder is how it affects tech companies. You make all your staff go to the same place every day? When the internet exists?

This is how we’ve always worked. There’s only a handful of us that regularly work from the office – and everyone is capable of working remotely (apart from cleaners, receptionist).

I told people that obviously their safety and the safety of their families comes first – so not to sacrafice those things for work – they’re going to get paid either way – but that’s always been the case.


I understand I live a charmed existence. I have a nice house with a nice garden, I have an air conditioned office, I have an alive spose who takes care of our kids and cooks our meals. Not everyone is so lucky.

But I also understand that this could all turn to shit at any time.

My point is that if I’ve got a computer with the internet, the air is a reasonable temperature, and I am left alone for long periods of time – I am the happiest man on earth.


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