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My life is going through some big changes right now.

As many of you probably know Sarah and I are expecting our first baby in September. We found out it’s going to be a boy. Which has left us in the shit because the only names we’ve agreed on are girls names.. so we’re looking for a name. And it’s hard.

So with the baby on the way we realised that the house I bought 3 years ago and then ripped to bits and then rebuilt, isn’t going to be totally suitable for us. The main problem is that the main bedroom (our bedroom) consumes the entire top floor. And the other bedrooms are downstairs. So when the baby is old enough to be in its own room it’s gonna be a bit weird if we’re sleeping on different floors. Plus hopefully this won’t be the only baby we have โ€“ so we’re gonna have to move eventually anyway.

I have always wanted a farm. I hate having neighbours. I like the idea of having a house where the neighbours are a mile away. But this scares Sarah. Plus houses like that have terrible internet connection. So that’s out.

But we have been looking at a house. Much bigger than the one we’re in now. And a bit expensive. And needs quite a bit of work. It ticks a lot of boxes โ€“ but if we buy it I’d make sure that we move in AFTER ripping it to bits and rebuilding it. Plus it’s got a swimming pool(!)

My old house wouldn’t go to waste. It’s ideal for people without kids. Or with grown up kids. So my ideal plan is for my mom and dad to move into my old house, and live happily ever after from the sale of their old house. My dad complains and wants to leave his house to us kids.. but my opinions is that they worked every day of their lives to pay for that house, they’ve already given us every advantage they could have โ€“ so they should use that money to enjoy themselves.

And finally โ€“ Facepunch! The guys in the office have been experimenting with game ideas.. and we’re prototyping a game right now. It’s something that I don’t think has ever been done before.. but we haven’t finished prototyping yet so there’s probably a good reason for it.

I’m really happy with how the office is turning out. It’s something we should have had the balls to do earlier. It’s taking the company to a whole other level.. and the fate of the company no longer totally rests on my head.

This post is a massive wall of text. So here’s a drawing our awesome artist Meg made for the Steam Trading Cards stuff.



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