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Our new project is going to be coded in Unity. Why? Well, as game developers we should be making games, not engines. This engine is done. It works. It works better than anything we could code. It works on more platforms than we could ever hope to support. It has more third party addons/plugins that you could ever hope for. That’s why.

There was only one problem. I was a Unity virgin. I have never coded in it. Ever.

So on Sunday I printed a bunch of crap out. Pretty much anything that was a PDF I could find โ€“ that mentioned coding using c# in unity.


Now, I’m a good enough coder to know that some of the stuff they do in the last two tutorials is dubious. But they explain the basics of the update loop, collisions, entity queries etc. So now I know how to code in Unity.

It all clicked into place.. and now I’m pretty sure I could make anything in it. It surprised me how easy it was.. like โ€“ that’s it? And the more I thought about it the more I realised yes, that’s all we need.

So between all the other junk that’s happening I’ve been plugging away at it and come up with stuff for the new project. Here’s what I made yesterday.


I am having lots of fun!


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