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I remember years ago I was in a chat room talking to a friend about porn. He told me that he only wanks to video porn, and pictures don’t do it for him. This was in the days when it took 4 hours to download a video. I thought to myself, what a snobby cunt.

And obviously in time, he was right. Who wanks to photos anymore? I mean, sure it’s do-able – but why would you? I think it’s going to be the same for VR Porn real soon.

I managed to get VR porn working on my vive this week, having failed in all my attempts previously. It turned out to be pretty simple. Just download the SteamVR version of Whirligig, get some VR porn, jack in and jack off.

Eye Contact

You know how sometimes you’re walking down the street and a stranger looks at you in the eyes, and you momentarily think “fuck”, before one of you quickly looks somewhere else. VR porn gives me that feeling. It’s really unsettling at first until your brain convinces itself it’s a video.

Role reversal

I experienced what it’s like to be licked out by a man, and then later squirt about 3 pints of clear liquid on his back. You might have thought that you could imagine this stuff previously, but now you can actually experience it. It’s unsettling at first, but then you can convince your brain that it’s fine, that you’re louis theroux investigating something, and then it’s all ok.


Have you ever jacked off and then not looked at where the cum is going. Maybe when you were younger, into a sock. But nowadays you probably ejaculate into a tissue or toilet roll. Ejaculating into toilet roll blindfolded is something you’re going to have to get good at – because if you’re not you’re going to be throwing a lot of fish smelling keyboards away.

Why do I care?

I like jacking off. It’s a part of my life. This is the first time I’ve seen something in VR that could genuinely enhance my day to day life. This proves that there’s a use for it. And that makes me really happy, and really excited for the future.

Justin “Skim” Kim
Thursday, October 26, 2023
Garry, you're on time out. See me after class. D-.
Saturday, May 18, 2024
Could I get the, "Yes, I am the real garry!", achievement if I make a VR porn mod for Garry's Mod?
The Fun
Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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