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A lot of people ask what I use to capture the videos and images I post in my weekly Rust devblog. The short answer is that I use ShareX. Here’s a longer answer.

1. Install ShareX

Go to the website, download, install.

2. Configure Uploaders

There’s a shitload of different uploaders you can use. I used dropbox until I used all my bandwidth and then they closed my public links off and refused to open then for a month. Now I use Amazon S3.. which has the benefit of being faster than dropbox, I get my own domain name. The only downside is that we have to pay for bandwidth. Bandwidth is cheap though.

3. Capture Video

ShareX is a bit bloated. Instead of adding things optionally, via plugins, they seem to have added everything you could possibly want. Which is cool but it kind of makes things hard to find. So to capture videos do this.

Then you will get this

Then it will download the file and put it in the right place. Now you can capture and upload mp4 videos really really easily. I think the default key bind is Shift and F11.

The default settings are terrible though, it defaults to 20fps and 3 seconds of video. So you probably want to go into Task Settings > Capture > Screen Recorder and set your settings like this..

This will make it so it records in 30fps, and it will only stop recording when you press the key combo again (Shift + F11).

MP4? Why not WebM?

I use mp4 because it seems the best supported. The only thing that doesn’t support it is firefox as far as I am aware.

Why wouldn’t I just use Fraps?

Because you can’t record desktop rects with Fraps. Fraps doesn’t encode automatically. It doesn’t upload automatically. This makes things really fast and easy to share. Just press shift and f11, drag a rect, record, upload, paste link somewhere. Easy.



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