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I have a beer belly.

I was really thin when I was younger. Really REALLY thin. All through school, all through leaving school. Up until I was about 23. Then the years of drinking beer and sitting down caught up with me and my metabolism slowed down, and I started cooking my own meals.

I wouldn’t say I’m fat now, but I could do with losing some weight to get into my ideal weight zone. I hate seeing my beer belly and would like to get rid of it if I could. I’d like to get my arms a bit more built up too.ย 

So long story short I bought a treadmill and a home gym thing. I’m trying to wedge them into my daily routine so I don’t end up being a twat and never using either of them. Although I’m quite unfit so I’m hoping it gets easier as time goes on. I’d love to give you stats of what I can manage right now but I don’t really know the weights I’m using, of the exercises I’m doing. I know I ran 2km in 20 mins – which sounds good to me – but probably isn’t since I had to walk most of it.


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