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The holiday was going so smoothly. We’d done our 5 days in Vegas and were flying to Barbados via Dallas.

Except we land in Dallas and bam, our next flight is cancelled. Sarah freaks out. We get a lot of help from the staff here in Fort Worth.

So now were waiting for 7 hours for a flight to Miami, where well stop overnight, then get a flight to Barbados in the morning. Which is a bit annoying but apparently the airport be covers the costs, so ok cool, this shit happens.

The annoying thing is rearranging our plans in Barbados. We need to tell the transfer from the airport were not coming, and tell the hotel well be a day late. We phone the emergency number the travel agency gave usโ€ฆ It tells u the office is closed and gives us a number to call. So we call it and the guy pretty much tells us this is his mobile number, he’s out and about so can’t do anything, and we should call the individual companies ourselves. Great service eh?

So we have to go on the net to lookup the numbers for these places and phone them.. And as far as I know this is all fixed now. We’re still waiting in Dallas, so let’s hope nothing else goes wrong!


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