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So at the end of our last tale we were spazzing out at the airport because our flight was cancelled.

We ended up staying at Dallas Fort Worth Airport for about 8 hours. We spent the time watching news channels go over and over the Micheal Jackson Doctor case in stupid detail, pulling significance from every insignificant detail they could find. It was a long 8 hours.

At one point I went to have a crap, but the toilet stalls have a 1 inch gap around the door, so I couldn’t go. I don’t know whether this is to stop people masturbating in there or what, but I couldn’t poop because I was unsure what face to pull while I was trying. There was a queue of people waiting to use the toilet and I’m sure they could all see me. So I just gave up.

The flight came along. From Dallas to Miami. We set out at between 8-9, and it was about 12-1 when we landed in Miami. Our flight wasn’t until 10:30 in the morning so the airport had layed on a hotel for us. We jolted through the airport, not really knowing where we were going (when someone tells me what to do I usually only listen to the first 2 or 3 instructions for some reason). We got outside where we had to wait for a minibus to take us to the hotel.

The air in Miami was hot and damp. We were kind of excited because it’s where Dexter is set. The trip to the hotel was quiet and tired. Miami didn’t look like a nice place to visit, at least the part we went though.

We got to the hotel and pretty much just got straight into bed. My alarm woke us up at 6. Less than 5 hours sleep and we were at it again. The shower wouldn’t turn on. I cleaned myself in the sink. All the smelly, dirty bits, and put on the clothes I’ had on for the previous 20 hours.

We got to the airport and 2 hours later onto the plane. Miami looks a lot like GTA:VC from the air. I guess that’s what it’s based on since it’s kind of based on Scarface.

We landed in Barbados, relived that nothing else went wrong. The drive to our hotel was long. About 30 mins. We drove past shacks, abandoned houses, boarded up windows. It’s kind of a scary sight when you’re going to your hotel. Has the recession hit these guys bad? Is the hotel going to be shit?

Thankfully the hotel i great, the pool is great, the beach is great. Everything is great here. The only negative so far is how much people hassle you trying to sell you plants and necklaces on the beach. But that’s a small price to pay and they’re all polite and leave you alone when you say no thanks.. but it’s easier to stay by the pool really – especially since Sarah is scared of the beach, and the sea, and the fish.


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