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I’m going on my notch for 2 weeks next week.ย We’re going to Las Vegas for a week, and then Barbados.

In Vegas we’re stopping at the MGM, and I’m hoping to see the grand canyon.. because it’s one of those things you’ve got to see apparently. Don’t really have any other plans, I figure there’s always loads to keep you occupied so we’ll just find stuff to do when we’re there, right?

Barbados is going to be a lying on the beach all week holiday, I hope, because that’s my kind of holiday. Hoping the weather is ok there, considering all the storms and shit. Google’s weather thing tells me rain every day – but webcams show sun. So I dunno.

Not exactly looking forward to the 9 hour flight to Vegas, or the 5 hour flight to Barbados, or the 7 hour flight home.. but that’s just what you’ve gotta go though I guess. It’s not that I’m scared of flying – I just find it annoying – I arrive on holiday angry, and get back angry. Everyone is an idiot.


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