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I did something cool with GWEN over the last couple of weeks. I made it so that the included renderers (OpenGL, DirectX, SFML, GDI) can read pixel values from the textures. (If you’re interested in the source for this, explore here).

What does this mean? Well in GWEN the skin is mostly defined using a texture. This texture:

To make this:

This is all good except you’d usually need a counterpart customised skin class to define the colours of text and lines. Well not anymore. You see those squares on the bottom right? Each one of those defines a colour for something like the button text, button hover text, button down text, label, bright label, dull label, etc etc.

Why an 8×8 square instead of a 1×1 pixel? Well – no reason at all really – it just makes it a bit easier to see. There’s an editable photoshop file on subversionย if you want to try your hand at making a skin. Here’s the sample from the source as of right now:


So if you’re coding a game in c++ and are looking for a nice GUI solution, then be sure to give GWEN a look over.

These skins are synergised with the next version of GMod ??


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