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Nothing spectacular is happening.

On the GMod front I was considering making it open source – just to see what would happen. But then decided to just get more coders working on it. I can’t dedicate the time to it that I used to (My new year’s resolution is to finish Facewound) so it’s probably a good idea to get one or two other people working on it to keep it rolling. So I’ll probably be trying this over the next couple of weeks with one or two people that I can trust.

On the Facewound front it’s pretty much the same. Still stabbing away at it. I’m writing a GUI system similar to Valve’s VGUI to be used for the game’s options screen (and probably other stuff if it’s good enough). I had looked at a couple of other solutions but they either didn’t work or were rubbish so I started my own. I’m trying to keep it pretty generic and clean so I can use it in other projects without totally re-writing it.

I added a couple of new things to the forums. First of all I added “community banners”. An idea totally stolen from SA. Basically advertisment banners but less useless because they’re more relevent to the community. This usually results in more clicks too since there’s less of a tendancy to completely ignore them. The community seems to be having fu with them so far anyway. I was also pissed off with people saying 5/5 and >>>>5<<<< and YOU GET A 5!!! in every thread so I made it show the user's thread ratings.


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