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24th September 2012

I decided a couple of days ago and have been keeping it to myself to make sure it’s not conflicting with anything. My logic around the date is I want to release this year – and before Christmas. Two months is enough time for me to get what needs fixing fixed and what needs adding added.

Will it be ready?

I hope so. The whole point of putting a date on it is to make sure it’s ready for that date.

I hate GMod 13 – I want to stay with 12 forever

That’s not going to be an option.

Is stuff going to break?

Yes. A lot of stuff. But I’m sure it will all get rebuilt, bigger better stronger. Toybox is gone – so all that content is going to disappear on the switch-over.. but I’ll figure out some way to give access to your uploads/scripts so you can convert them to the new Workshop system.


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