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Palm Spings

Like groundhog day. We liked it a lot.

Ted Lasso

American guy comes to England to coach a premier league football team. We like it a lot.

Future Man

Really enjoyed it. Wolf’s love of cooking makes it.

Extra Ordinary

Enjoyed, especially when he morphed into his wife.


Watched 3 episodes and had enough.

Police Academy

Bought to watch with the kids. Way more blowjobs than I remember.

Freaks and Geeks

Still watching it, but we enjoy it. We watch an episode when we have nothing else to do.

Nathan For You

I’d watched all of this except for the last episode where Bill Gates goes looking for his old girlfriend. So I watched that episode. Was alright. Didn’t know how much was fake so didn’t know how emotionally invested to be.


We watched from something like season 3 to the end. Got worse and worse as time went on. By the end we were just pushing through to the end because we’d come so far.

They went from Carrie figuring out all this shit and being super smart and street wise, to looking shit up on 4chan, getting kidnapped in every episode and fucking up every decision.

Something that sticks in my memory was the bad guys were looking for Quinn for some reason, and had all this security system and soldiers everywere. Then out of nowhere a soldier runs up to the head soldier with a print out of a cctv of Quinn. He spotted the guy they were looking for, and then printed it, waited for it to print, then carried that to his boss. That out of everything else annoyed me the most because I can’t get it out of my mind.



Dead Pixels

We’re still watching an episode every now and then. I like it, I don’t think Sarah likes it as much.

What We Do In The Shadows

Hit and miss. The episode where Matt Berry became a bar owner was good.

Brave New World

Too much shagging. Watched one episode.

Stath Lets Flats


Best In Show

Mostly shit, but had some good bits. Whenever the kids are annoying me now I say STOP NAMING NUTS

Ant Man And The Wasp

Bought to watch with the kids. We watched the first one and enjoyed it, so we were confused when we started watching this one and he was under house arrest for some reason. Turns out we needed to watch another set of films to understand or something.

West World

This season changed a lot, but it’s changed enough to be interesting. We enjoyed it.

Rick And Morty

The Vat Of Acid episode was good, none of the rest were.

Friday Night Dinner

The kids love watching this so we’ve seen every episode 3 times now. It’s not a kids show, but they love Jim.


I really liked this but everyone I told about it ended up hating it.

Avenue 5

Mainly rubbish. It got better as the season went on, but mainly rubbish.

Space Force


The Morning Show

Really good. Something that bugs me about this though. In the show they have this apartment, and it’s really recognisable because they have these black metal and glass stairs coming into the living room, and they always shoot the stairs head on. Well it’s the same apartment that one of the characters has in Westworld. It’s also in Homeland too.

This drove us both insane for a while.

Mythic Quest

Pretty good


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