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So I had my driving lesson today and he was like ‘OK now we’re coming up to a dual carriage way – so the speed limit is 50mph here’ and i was like ‘FUCKING SOUND!’ but didn’t say it.. So were driving along and he’s like ‘OK, Now change to 5th gear – its UP and ACROSS’ and I’m like ‘hehe, ok’. So After the 4th attempt I found it and I was like HEY LOOK AT ME NNEEEEOOWW! I only stalled about 5 times.. Fkn traffic jams.

So I started playing Natural Selection.. and I was like WTF this is BS, its impossible to take down sentry’s and everyone joins marines its fucking stupid POS FUCK THIS MOTHER SHIT CUNT. Then yesterday I joined a server where these guys were just learning how to play it – they were all on a LAN somewhere and I was the only one who wasnt there.. and I learned how to play the game and now its sound as a pound – safe as houses. I play aliens and im like WHAT U FUCKING LOOKING AT and bite the faces off everybody

13 September 2023

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