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Over the last week or so I’ve been working on something I’ve wanted to work on for a long time, a tool built into GMod to easily convert demo files into movie files.

There are actually a variety of ways to accomplish this without this tool, but none are really that easy. So in the next GMod Beta update you’ll be able to select a demo (from your local demos, or from workshop) and easily and simply render it to a video file.

But there’s more – you can render them with DOF, camera smoothing and frame blending. You can see what that looks like here – be sure to turn it to 1080!

I owe a lot of thanks to max for helping me get the frame blending just right, and teaching me about the 180 degree shutter rule.

When it’s rendering it shows a screen like this, with the time taken, time remaining etc.. There’s probably more useful stuff I can add to this screen too – like what’s taking the most time, rendering or encoding.

So, yeah, it should make creating nice little movies from GMod demos a lot more accessible for everyone.


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