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Quite a bit has happened but I haven’t updated my site due to me being lazy. First of all I’m swapping ISP’s soon – going from BTOpenworld to Nildram. BTO wasn’t so bad – never had much downtime from them, but nildram are 10 quid cheaper – and I hear they have a good news server (which means that files are actually complete). They also offer 2mbps – which is awesome and I might go for.

I bought some 5.1 surround sound speakers. You don’t really notice it for a while and then it hits you. I was playing The American Army Murder Simulator and i was running on some cliffs and i thought jesus that planes low and then I realised it was coming out my speakers – its fucking awesome. And the bass on it is sweet as a fucking nut.

I’m having trouble with my game not working on Windows 98 (and all its offspring). So I download virtual PC and windows 98, I install them both. I go to play my game and O. It doesnt support Direct3D so that was a big fat waste of time. So now I’ve got to either install it on a partition on this computer or my laptop or find some way of making it work.. It’s a giant cyber kick in my giant real balls.

Vice City PC. I’ve pre-ordered it and it should come around the 20th (which is my birthday). But BAM! Vice city is warezed, the warez scene is going fucking crazy – 2000 peoele in one room hammering xdcc bots until they’re flooded off the fucking internet. But I’m still downloading it – why? Because I wanna fucking play it you twat.

So to sum up – 5.1 is cool, win98 sux, vice city is cool, and there might be some downtime on the 21st because I’m swapping ISPs.

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