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Things have been a bit of out joint lately. We’ve moved into our new office, after a lot of renovation. The work is all still going on below us – but we’re all moved in now. So I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. I’m hoping as things calm down I’ll be able to blog properly.


I’ve been setting up servers on and off over the last month. Mainly to build GMod (pc, linux and osx). But I’ve been finding other uses for jenkins.. like using it to run cron jobs from a central location.


Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod hasn’t had an update since just before Christmas. One of the things I wanted to get right this year is testing updates. And we’re working on that now. To set up a simple test procedure we run through before making a patch live.

I’m going to be looking at doing updates monthly from now on too, with smaller patches inbetween as needed.

We’ve started using GitHub for pull requests and issue tracking – which is working brilliantly so far.


Helk is still working away on our pet ‘dayz rip off’ project,ย Rust.

Nothing much to say on that just yet, Helk is still working on the terrain stuff. We have some ambitious plans for it.


We’re hiring. So I’m spending a lot of my time looking over CV’s and exchanging emails with people. We’re looking for coders and artists that live locally (Walsall, England).

If you think you can do something for us, or know someone who you think can, and you can travel to our office every day then shoot us an email at [email protected].

I don’t so much care about university or college education. But you should have a lot of examples of work you’ve done in your spare time. We’re looking for people who would be doing this stuff in their spare time if we weren’t paying them to do it for us.


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