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Development of everything pretty much stopped for 3 days since I’ve been poop socking over Black and White 2.

I really loved the original Black and White. It seems like everyone I mentioned it to says it was overhyped and was a peice of shit in a box – but I never got any of that hype. I hadn’t even hear of it until my friend gave me a pirated copy (Calm down! I bought it eventually!).

There’s a lot of changes from the first version. Your creature has less character. By that I mean he disobeys you less. He’s more useful. It actually shows you what he’s thinking, what he’s doing and how likely he is to do it again (based on your interaction). Which is awesome because I never wanted a cyberpet anyway, I wanted something to help me out. Lets hope they don’t come out with another rock throwing island expansion based on creatures.

In the game itself the object is to take over cities and win the hearts and minds of all the people on the island. You’re not fighting againt gods this time around – you’re fighting against human leaders. You can capture the people in 2 ways. Either get an army together and invade their town (Political), or you can build up an awesome town until they’re so impressed that they want to settle and move into your town. Black and White.

I managed to beat it using only the impress method. In fact on a lot of the islands I had no army at all, just big fucking walls.


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