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I got Battlefield 3 on Friday (because that’s the day it came out in the UK). I am now loving the fact that I upgraded my graphics card. Full settings, full everything, full AA, full screen 1920×1080 at 60+ fps. Even when livestreaming!

I played a bit of the single player. Then I tried the multiplayer and I’ve been on that ever since. Ranking and unlocking. I love it. Wonder what the first FPS to do that was?

I was outraged by battlelog at first. The idea seemed stupid.. forcing me to use a browser plugin, quitting the game to join a different server – then loading everything again! Crazy! But I guess it does that every time you join a new server in any game, kinda. And it does at least seem responsive and hasn’t been down any time I tried to use it. And it good being able to share links with people on the web.

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