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You know, America isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Just like England with different accents.. not sure what I expected. It’s good to be home though.

The hotel was much too upper-class for me. When we got in I had a huge shit and couldn’t see any toilet roll.. so ended up wiping my ass with Kleenex.. only to find later on that they’d hidden the toilet roll away nicely under the counter. Doh.

Immigration into the US was a bit hardcore. We were in Newark airport so I guess they’re pretty hyped about 9/11.. it literally felt like we were entering jail. The cop was shouting STAND BEHIND THE RED LINE. Then we had our fingerprints taken (on both hands), then a photo taken. If we were concerned about our privacy we could have emailed an email address. Somehow.

In all the time we were in Newark it seemed like we were like cattle – and the cops should have been whipping us with sticks to get us through the various stages. Seattle airport had a much better approach. They just put posters up of what was about to happen so you could be prepared with everything you needed. Things went much smoother.

When I got back my sister gave me this news. These are my next door neighbours. I really can’t believe that people would do this shit to an old couple. I just couldn’t live with myself if I ever did anything like that.

But still.. good to be back.


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